Q: Tell us about Restoring Hope International. Why was it founded?

A: RHI is an organization that works to establish homes for children that are orphaned, abused or neglected. Restoring Hope Village is in Welkom, South Africa. It was founded because of the overwhelming number of children in need in South Africa, and specifically Welkom. There are thousands of kids that have been orphaned due to the HIV pandemic. RHV takes them in, gives them love, a home, a family and hope for the future.

Q: How long has your organization been partnering with Relay Iowa?

A: RHI has been a partner with Relay Iowa since RI’s inception.

Q: How do donations from Relay Iowa help achieve your goals?

A: Donations from Relay Iowa help RHI build infrastructure. We’ve built several houses for children with Relay Iowa funds as well as building other buildings that support the work at RHV. Our Central Hall was built in part with Relay Iowa money. The hall is where the kids gather to do homework, Bible studies, watch movies together on Friday night, have music lessons and work on projects together. It’s been an amazing addition to RHV and the services we provide to the kids. Relay Iowa money helps us better serve the children and meet their needs.

Q: What is something interesting about Restoring Hope International that people may not know?

A: I think that most people don’t know that Relay Iowa came about because of Bill’s (Bill Raine-our Relay Director) visit to Welkom. Bill came and saw the need and felt burdened to help. Out of that burden came Relay Iowa which has not just funded RHI but also funded so many other projects across Iowa.

Q: How can people find out more about Restoring Hope International?

A: They can go to our webpage www.restoringhopeint.org or they can email questions to [email protected]