COVID-19 Precautions and Guidelines

The following list of precautions and guidelines will be put in place during the Relay to ensure the health and safety for all runners, volunteers and staff that make this such a wonderful event. We recognize that circumstances may change, and we may need to chane our mitigation efforts. We appreciate your support and understanding!

Face Coverings

Everyone involved in the Relay will be required to follow any state or local guidelines regarding face coverings when participating in the Relay event. 

Runners are encouraged to wear face coverings when interating with anyone who is not a part of their team. 

Relay Iowa staff and volunteers will be wearing face coverings when interacting with anyone over the course of the Relay weekend. 

All check point volunteers will be encouraged to wear face coverings when interacting with runners and teams. 

Early Check-In

Early check-in will be available again on Thursday night and is still highly encouraged this year to help speed up the Start Line process. 

Relay Iowa staff will be set up in the outside patio of Buffalo Alice starting at 7:00 p.m. for early check-in. The restaurant has reserved the outdoor space for us which includes access from the street to help encourage social distancing and mitigate overcrowding. 

Starting Line Process

To help alleviate the potential for large crowds at the start line, this year we are only requiring the team captain and starting runner to be there at your designated start time. The rest of your team is welcome to be there to cheer, just please be mindful of other teams and any social distancing efforts. 

 We have also decided to not take team photos at the start line this year. This will help avoid large groups in the same area and speed up our starting line process. We will still take a team photo at the finish line. 

Check Points

Teams are required to follow all rules and guidelines that our checkpoint cities have established regarding Covid mitigation efforts. Please note that these efforts may impact the availability of certain resources taht were available in the past such access to camping grounds, showers, or dining. We will do our best to make you aware of any restrictions or changes. 

You are encouraged to maintain social distancing from other teams, volunteers, and the general public when stopping at our checkpoints and pit stops. 

Runner Amenities 

We will continue to provide porta-potties/KYBOs along the route as we have in years past. We will also provide hand sanitizer stations where appropriate. Some checkpoints may also offer sanitizer stations. 

Please know it is each team’s responsibility to have their own supplies such as toiletries, first aid kits, and hand sanitizer for the weekend. 

THIS ONE IS REALLY IMPORTANT – You are required to follow all rules, social norms, and common sense when choosing where you will take a bathroom break along the route. (If you think we are talking about you, we are!)

Finish Line Process

We are working with our vendor to provide a grab-and-go option for the celebration meal at the finish line in case runners would prefer to leave before eating. We will still provide seating and tables for those who want to eat before leaving. 

We want everyone to feel comfortable, to celebrate their accomplishment, and most of all, to be safe. This may mean more spacing in our seating and encouraging those who have finished to make room for new teams coming in. We trust everyone will do their best to help. 

Final Thoughts

Please do the right thing to help keep everyone safe! If you have concerns, contact HQ to report any issues that need our attention. We truly care about each and every person who makes Relay Iowa possible. We’re excited to be back and want this to be a fun and safe event!


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