Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?

This is a team event and starts with a team captain registering, creating the team name and giving you a password to join. With a password in hand it is simple for the rest of the team to register. Register here.

My captain hasn’t created a team yet. Can I register?

No. Convince your captain to register, create the team and provide you the team password ASAP. Or become the captain yourself and get the fun started!

I am trying to join a team, do I really need a password?

Yep. This is a team event and your captain sets a team password. Once you have it, registration should be a breeze.

How many people can I have on my team?

We have had teams of 4 ultra-runners up to 12 less-than-ultra runners and everything in between. No more than 12 runners are allowed because everyone needs plenty of opportunity to run and be challenged. Although we have had a team of four, three ultra-runners is the minimum. Be sure your overall team pace is no slower than 10-10.5 minutes/mile in order to finish in the time allowed.

I want to step up as captain and build a team. Where do I start?

Take some time to look through the website. Or click here to see how one seasoned veteran has coordinated his team. If you still have questions, contact us below.

I want to participate. What am I getting myself into?

Read through this website. You can find information about how to prepare as well as what you may encounter during the relay. All levels of runners can participate as long as your overall team pace is no slower than 10-10.5 minutes/mile. If you still have questions, contact us below!

I would like to run. Can you help me find a team?

We do not build teams. Talk to runners you know and create your own amazing team of friends, neighbors and coworkers! Or you can contact us. No guarantees, but we sometimes know of teams looking for runners. You can also post to the Relay Iowa Facebook page.

I need more people on my team. Can you help me find some runners?

You are responsible for building your team. If you are short on runners, we sometimes know of people looking for a team. No guarantees, but feel free to contact us or post to the Relay Iowa Facebook page.

As captain, how can I see who is registered for my team?

You can log on to your registration and monitor your team signups, send emails and other cool captain-type activities.

If I’m the captain but can no longer do the job, can I give it to someone else?

Find a replacement on your team and we can put them in place as captain. Contact us below.

If I am registered to run but can no longer participate, can I get my registration fee refunded?

We do not give refunds. However, you can transfer your registration to another runner by logging into your account, choosing My Events and Relay Iowa and following the instructions for “Transfer Registration to Another Athlete”. Once the person replacing you claims your spot and registers, your credit card will be refunded within a few days less a $10 cancellation fee and any processing costs associated with the original charge. Contact us with any questions.

Can I change to a different team?

We can move people between teams. Once you have it worked out with both team captains, contact us so we can help you make the switch.

Can my team combine with another team?

Of course you can. If you need to combine, we can help. Contact us.

Can I change the name of my team?

If you are the captain, you can log into your registration and change your team name anytime before May 13th. We need it by then so it will appear correctly on the t-shirts.

What pace should I enter during registration?

Enter your comfortable per mile pace when running a long distance in challenging conditions. This is not the place to enter your personal best! All levels of runners are welcome as it is overall team pace that matters. Be sure your overall team pace is no slower than 10-10.5 minutes/mile in order to finish in the time allowed.

My pace is faster/slower than when I registered. Do you need to know it changed?

Definitely! You can log into your account and adjust your pace. We use overall team pace to set start times and need them to be as accurate as possible. Please do this by May 13th.

Can I order additional t-shirts?

Additional event t-shirts will be available for purchase through our online store prior to the event.

How can I get my hands on other Relay Iowa swag?

We have items for sale during the relay. Typically cowbells, car flags, hoodies, tech-fabric shirts and other items can be purchased at the start, a few places along the route and in Dubuque. Quantities and sizes are always limited, so if you like it, buy it! Depending on inventory, we sometimes open an online store. We will announce that via Facebook and email.

Is this event only for ultra runners?

Definitely not! It can be tailored to almost any ability by adjusting team size. Hard-core types have done it with four people. But for a team of 12, it amounts to about 28 miles per person over three days. If each person on a twelve-person team runs six-mile legs, each runs about an hour and then has 11 hours to rest until the next leg. Be sure your overall team pace is no slower than 10-10.5 minutes/mile in order to finish in the time allowed.

Do my runners need to run a certain distance in a certain order?

No way! We want you to plan this adventure beginning to end. You plan the order, the distance and you can change your plan mid-way if needed.

How should we coordinate our vehicles?

It is completely up to you. Various plans have worked for teams based on size and how hard you want to push yourself. A non-running driver(s) is a great idea, although not required unless your team has less than six runners. Go to the “Pre-Relay Checklist” for additional ideas.

What can you tell me about the route?

Go to “The Course” and “Team Survival Guide” on this website. Note: the final course can change, even at the last minute, due to construction or other issues over which we have no control. We do provide each team with very detailed instructions just prior to the event.

What is included in my registration fee?

Runners will be treated to a dinner on Friday night, breakfast on Saturday morning and a meal at the finish line in Dubuque, along with a Relay Iowa t-shirt.

Can other people with our team eat the meals provided to runners?

Non-runners with your team typically can enjoy these meals, but may need to pay a fee to do so.

Am I required to fundraise in order to participate?

No. We have no fundraising requirements, but certainly hope you talk up your 339-mile adventure and encourage people to support you by donating to Relay Iowa. When you register you will have access to a shareable fundraising link or click here to see our donation page.

Can I raise lots and lots of money for the charities supported by Relay Iowa?

Heck yes you can! When you register, you will be given a donation link to pass on to friends and family. This is a great way for others to show support for your effort. Or check out our donation page here.

Can you suggest any hotels along the route?

We work with hotels in Sioux City to offer discounted rooms for the night before the event. There are other hotels along the route. This is not to say hotels are necessary. Teams often choose to embrace the adventure by sleeping in tents, somewhere on the ground near our Checkpoints and Pit Stops and in cars.

How do I stay up-to-date?

Stay in touch with your team captain. Read all emails from Relay Iowa. Join us on social media. Look over this website and be sure to read the updated Team Survival Guide cover-to-cover when it is released a week or so prior to the event.

What is the history of Relay Iowa?

In 2009, Bill Raine volunteered at Restoring Hope International, an orphanage in South Africa. He was moved by the experience and decided to organize a fundraiser to support them. As a participant in marathons and triathlons (including an Ironman), he wanted to put together an event that was adventurous, unique, and somewhat extreme…and in 2010 Relay Iowa was born!

Need more information?

339 miles can seem overwhelming, but we are here to help. Reach out using the Contact Us box below or call 515-518-0339 to speak with a real-live person who can answer all of your questions. You do not want to miss this opportunity to challenge yourself physically and mentally while helping raise funds for people right here in Iowa and across the world. You CAN do it!