How many times have you run Relay Iowa?

I have run Relay Iowa 7 times.  The first year we ran, I think there were only 3 other teams!

What team(s) have you run with?

Born to Run (each year)

What keeps you coming back?

I enjoy the challenge of the relay (and also telling people that I have run across Iowa) but mostly to spend time with friends that I have met through the relay.  I have made life-long friendships with folks I met on the relay.

What is your best advice for people new to the event?

  1. Iowa is very hilly.
  2. You do not need to bring a casual sundress for downtime when you are not running.
  3. Good van snacks are critical.
  4. Never pass up a Casey’s.

What is your favorite memory from any Relay Iowa?

So many good times, it’s hard to pick.  I’m always amazed at how fantastic the spaghetti tastes at the dinner!

What is your favorite food establishment, shower location or sleeping area on or near the route?

Hansen’s Dairy!!  The ice cream, the pond, the shower, the kangaroos, the massage people!!!