What year did your team first run in Relay Iowa?

We ran the very first Relay Iowa in 2010 and have run it every year since. Three members of our team have participated all nine years.

What has been your favorite memory as a team?

There are too many memories to be able to narrow it down to one. If forced, I guess I’d have to say that bonding with each other through long miles, sleepless nights, and sweat (lots and lots of sweat) is really special. There’s something about sharing cramped quarters with sweaty bodies that either makes you love each other or hate each other. We’ve been fortunate enough to have great team members that we love (in spite of their smell).

What advice would you give to first-year teams?

Be prepared for the second overnight. It is going to be tough. But . . . when the sun comes up Sunday morning and you are close to Dubuque and know you will finish, it is all worth it. You are also probably going to experience some emotions at the finish line that you aren’t used to. I’d try to prepare you for that, but can’t put it into words. In spite of nine Relay Iowa finishes for me, it still never gets old.

How do you show your team spirit? Costumes, traditions, etc.?

We, of course, decorate our vehicles. We also like to meet other teams and encourage other runners. You’ll get lots of high-fives from us when you run by.

Where are you all from?

Central Iowa. We have runners from Des Moines and suburbs, Nevada, and the Newton area.

Why do you run year after year?

We can’t stop now. There are a few other runners that have completed every Relay Iowa, but we are the only team that has done it all nine years. And, as noted previously, it never gets old. It is fun to see old friends, log some miles, and experience the emotions of finishing a long, long event.