The Course

The actual route may vary slightly each year due to detours, construction, etc. Final details of the course and exact directional instructions will be released just prior to the event in the updated Team Survival Guide. We also place signs all the way across the state to help you find your way. Due to potential vandalism, do not rely solely on signs to make decisions. Consult the Survival Guide maps when in doubt. Each link below represents a portion of the relay. You can zoom in on each to find additional route details. Have fun planning your journey!

Start Line

Facebook 12Start Line

Anthon, IA


Ida Grove


Lake City


Dayton, IA


The Pit

1483225_10202748934867532_1111405620_n   The Pit! Flat leading into and all of a sudden you have a mile long down hill and a half mile up hill. Saturday Morning! Great place to get some awesome early morning photos.

Ellsworth, IA










Epworth, IA


Dubuque, IA - Finish Of Race