What is your volunteer role with Relay Iowa?

I’m fortunate enough to work on what I think is the very best part of the relay, the finish line. I help sign the route into Dubuque and help make sure the finish line experience is a great one for everyone.

What made you commit your time to this event? 

I don’t think I ever had a choice. Bill and Jill asked me to get involved. Bill was easy to decline, but no one could say no to Jill.

How many years have you been a volunteer? If you have volunteered multiple years, what keeps you coming back?

I’ve been a part of Relay ever since its beginning. It’s been tremendously inspirational to watch it grow year after year, and to see the unbelievable impact it has on so many people and organizations.

What is your favorite part of Relay Iowa?

I love watching an entirely disheveled Bill Raine take the microphone at the finish line. He hasn’t slept more than 4 hours in days. He grabs the mic and proceeds to hand out large sums of money to help friends halfway around the world, as well as in our own communities in Iowa. Bill usually mixes in a few off-the-cuff wise cracks that make people shake their heads, and then he gives away thousands of dollars. That’s my favorite part.

What is your favorite Relay Iowa memory?

Favorite memory…..That’s a tough one, but I certainly enjoy seeing how it has grown. I and another volunteer used to cook all the food on one grill for the finishers back when it ended at Eagle Point Park. Two guys and a couple of spatulas could take care of it all. That’s impossible to believe.  Now, we’re feeding a small army. So it’s fun to reflect on where it started and where it is now.