What is your volunteer role with Relay Iowa?

Board of Directors Secretary & Checkpoint Coordinator

What made you commit your time to this event?

When Bill approached my husband Scott with the idea of starting this relay, Jill and I thought they were crazy, but we thought we’d humor them the first year and here it is 10 years later! Jokes on me!

How many years have you been a volunteer? If you have volunteered multiple years, what keeps you coming back?

I have been a volunteer and board member in some capacity from day 1!

What keeps me coming back are all the people that give of their time, talents and finances to Relay Iowa, in addition to all the awesome organizations we’ve been able to give back to.

What is your favorite part of Relay Iowa?

Meeting all the people! From the runners, to the drivers, check point folks, volunteers and the local folks, everyone makes this relay so much fun! Iowa nice!

What is your favorite Relay Iowa memory?

All the hours spent in the car with Jill and my kids, driving, sleeping, getting lost, jumping out to take photos of runners!